Fires on the hills of Mt Nardi and Tuntable Falls bear Nimbin.
Fires on the hills of Mt Nardi and Tuntable Falls bear Nimbin. Marc Stapelberg

Mt Nardi man completely oblivious to bushfire burning nearby

IT WOULD be hard to find someone who didn't know about the bush fires destroying the state but one Northern Rivers man was found to be completely oblivious to the dire situation.

Northern Rivers RFS Superintendent Michael Brett said National Park crews came across a man on Wednesday who lives in a bush fire prone area while door knocking in the Mt Nardi area.

"He had no idea there was a fire burning in the Mt Nardi area, he had no phone and no communications whatsoever," Supt Brett said.

"He was quite fine to stay there with a fire in his backyard.

"Obviously, he couldn't smell smoke which is what I was told and he didn't have any communication with the outside world.

"He would have happily sat in his house waiting for something to happen.

"He was just going about his business.

"It's phenomenal."

Supt Brett said it was imperative people paid attention to the conditions around them, even if they're not focussing on the RFS website.

"It is a problem, but we've got to deal with all those sorts of people as well," he said.

"Not everyone listens to TV or radio, so we've got to try the best we can so we door knock and that's how we found this gentleman.

"Unfortunately, that's what we've got to deal with in society."

Supt Brett said as conditions continue to remain erratic, people needed to have a plan to evacuate if the time came.

"We can put these fires out but the chances are that under these conditions they will continue to get worse," he said.

"I can't stress enough the importance of vigilance.

"Everyone needs to keep their eyes on what's happening.

"If your property is not prepared, and I mean that prepared that you as a personal are psychologically happy to stay to defend your home, then I seriously suggest you leave.

"The best information we can give you about what the fires are doing, where they're going and what we think they're going to do but at the end of the day the decision about whether you stay and defend your homes is up to you."