MYOCUM Nationals figure Alan Hunter has defended cutbacks to Mullumbimby Hospital, saying it was important to trial reduced services at the hospital as the State Government tried to save money.

Mr Hunter, who ran as the Nationals' Richmond candidate during the last Federal election, told a public meeting about the hospital the move was "not about losing anything from the community".

"What we're suggesting is that we put this on trial," he said, drawing a groan from others at the meeting.

"That's the only option that we've got of trying to save money.

"I'm a resident here too. This is my home territory too and I don't want to see any services lost but it comes at a price."

Mr Hunter said that price amounted to $500 every time a patient walked through the doors of the hospital.

"The point is getting the best service for the community in the circumstances," he said.

More than 100 people attended the meeting to oppose any downgrading of Mullumbimby Hospital.