SHARED DUTIES: Husky Gawenda (pictured) and Gideon Preiss are this year's Mullum Music Festival patrons.
SHARED DUTIES: Husky Gawenda (pictured) and Gideon Preiss are this year's Mullum Music Festival patrons.

Mullum's new patrons are Husky

MELBOURNE musicians Husky Gawenda and Gideon Preiss, of indie-folk band Husky, have been confirmed as patrons of Mullum Music Festival for 2018 and 2019.

Following in the footsteps of previous patrons Mama Kin, Harry James Angus and Suzannah Espie, Gawenda and Preiss will be performing as Husky and will lead and perform in a host of other projects at the festival.

Gideon Preiss, a trained pianist, will program (and perform at) the Piano Bar, which takes place upstairs at the Village Vanguard venue.

At the Piano Bar, audiences will catch improvised and one-off performances by world class musicians, in a relaxed, cool and cosy venue.

Preiss will also perform with Lachlan Mitchell's improvisational project Uncomfortable Science and Melbourne's Godmother of Blues, Tracy Miller, as she presents her brand new show 45 Packin' Mama, a tribute to the great women of blues.

Husky Gawenda will debut an exciting new solo project, still not named, playing two intimate shows at the Drill Hall venue.

Gawenda will play songs that no one has heard and have not yet been recorded.

They are songs he has been writing and quietly tinkering with over the last 12 months, songs that will be played for the first and possibly only time at Mullumbimby.

Both Gawenda and Preiss will also act as mentors to young emerging artists via the festival's long running Youth Mentorship Program and, of course, lead the annual street parade.

After all this, the duo will also play as Husky: new songs (from an unnamed 2019 album still in the works) and old hits will merge as the Melbourne band reminisce about their previous Mullumbimby shows.

"We first played at Mullum as emerging artists, it was one of the first festivals we ever played. It's a privilege to be back seven years later as patrons," Gawenda said.