Alix Jane Beckham faced court for drug dealing in Ipswich.
Alix Jane Beckham faced court for drug dealing in Ipswich. Facebook

Mum brutally bashed for not selling enough drugs

A PREGNANT woman was brutally beaten when she failed to sell enough methamphetamine and marijuana for an associate.

Alix Jane Beckham on Tuesday pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to trafficking in a dangerous drug, unlawful supply of weapons and possession charges.

The pregnant mother of one was sentenced to three years in jail with immediate parole due to the six months she spent on remand.

Cops busted the 33-year-old dealing drugs during a targeted operation across Ipswich.

A raid of her home uncovered the drug ice, marijuana, items used to consume the drugs and tick sheets showing she was selling drugs from February to March 2018.

Beckham was making about $210 a week selling the drugs to multiple customers.

There was also evidence that the now Gold Coast resident had tried three times to swap firearms for drugs, cash or both.

During the sentencing on Tuesday, Justice James Douglas noted Beckham was pressured into selling the drugs in order to make enough money to supply a male known to her.

That man would beat the woman if she did not make enough money to keep the man supplied.

Justice Douglas described how the male busted Beckham's eye socket and damaged her shoulder so badly that she needed surgery to fix it.

Justice Douglas said Beckham had made efforts to stop using drugs herself, remaining clean for months and that her time in custody had acted as a "circuit breaker" for her offending.

"Your prospects of rehabilitation are good and the community would benefit more from your rehabilitation than further incarceration," he said. - NewsRegional