A middle-aged mother landed in deep trouble after a bad habit took over.
A middle-aged mother landed in deep trouble after a bad habit took over. OverHook

Mum in court: 'Everything is on the line'

A MOTHER'S "out of control" addiction put her at risk of losing everything.

Ipswich woman Fiona Sarah Muhling, 40, pleaded guilty to multiple drug-related charges on Friday, including supplying ice and cocaine.

She had no previous drug-offending history, and had been working as a consultant helping disabled people find employment.

But marijuana use escalated to ice use, then Muhling's life spiralled "out of control", defence counsel John Cahill told Brisbane Supreme Court.

And as Muhling sat in the dock on Friday, she knew she could lose everything, Mr Cahill said.

"That's the tragedy of it. She realises everything is on the line today."

The court heard one charge Muhling faced was an actual drug-supply offence but others related to "preparatory" supplies.

Muhling was also charged with having tainted property after being busted with somebody else's driving licence.

Justice Soraya Ryan said Muhling was lucky not to face more serious charges after last year's offences.

Justice Ryan said Muhling could also thank prosecutor C.N.Z. Wilkins for a "very reasonable" Crown case.

Several of Muhling's relatives and other supporters wrote supportive references to the court.

"I will take a chance on your client," the judge told Mr Cahill.

"I would expect that she will be drug tested on parole."

Muhling was convicted and sentenced to three years' jail, but with immediate parole release.

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