The young Mackay mother with her son recovering in hospital.
The young Mackay mother with her son recovering in hospital.

Mum’s heroic efforts save baby from horror stabbing

A BABY boy was lucky to survive a nightmarish attack on a young family, only living because his attacker thought he was dead.

The 39-year-old attacker was sentenced to 17 years' jail for viciously stabbing a young father and mother while the mother cocooned her 10-month-old son at their Kuttabul property in 2015.

The knifeman appealed his conviction arguing that the baby was not harmed which, he said, proved he never intended to kill the child.

But it was only because of his mother's courageous attempts to save the boy who lay silent and covered in blood that the attack did not succeed, the Queensland Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday before dismissing his appeal.

The jealous South Australian man arrived masked, dressed in black and carrying a large carving knife at the family's property on December 27, 2015.

He stabbed the baby's father as he tried to stop him entering the house then turned on the young mother, who he had become obsessed with when she worked at his bakery.

The extraordinary lengths the Mackay mum went to in an attempt to protect her child were revealed in the Court of Appeal's judgment.

She used her body as a shield, arching her back up high so the knife would not go through her and into her young son.

"(He was putting the knife) into my shoulder, just trying to get - he was trying to get to (the baby's) head," the mother testified in Mackay Supreme Court.

"And I just squeezed as tight as I could with my arms just hoping he wasn't dead.

At the attacker's appeal last month, his defence barrister Douglas Wilson argued that his client knew the baby was alive and did not try to harm him.

But Justice Philip Morrison did not think that argument stacked up.

"He sees a child lying on the ground, motionless, silent, face covered in blood," Justice Morrison said.

"Is he really likely to have concluded that's an alive child?"

The attacker was sentenced in Mackay Supreme Court in October 2018 after pleading guilty to wounding, grievous bodily harm and break and enter.

A jury found him guilty of attempting to murder the child.

Justice James Henry concluded it was the mother's protection and luck that saved the young boy.

"It appears to have been a matter of good luck, probably in combination with the arching of (the mother's) back that the appellant did not hurt (the baby)," he said. -NewsRegional