BOTTOMS UP: Beer drinkers flock to the Munich Oktoberfest.
BOTTOMS UP: Beer drinkers flock to the Munich Oktoberfest. Contributed

Munich promises to be barrel of fun

BOOK your ticket to one of the world's biggest parties next year with five Oktoberfest trips now available online with Topdeck.

The youth travel operator has released its Oktoberfest trips which range from four to seven days over the duration of the festival from mid-September to October, staying in campsites and hostels.

For example: the four-day Oktoberfest Hostel Trip 2012 - Make Your Own Way starts from $369 and includes three nights in a multi-share hostel dorm in walking distance to the festival, three continental breakfasts, info guide, walking tour of Munich city centre and Topdeck trip leader.

The six-day Oktoberfest - Steinmeister departs London and includes return coach to Munich, channel ferry crossing, three nights staying in twin-share tents with air mattresses at the closest campsite to the Oktoberfest grounds, four breakfasts, walking tour of Munich, half day trip to Dachau Concentration Camp, info guide and Topdeck trip leader from $499.

The seven-day Oktoberfest-

Grossmeister also departs London and offers camping accommodation, includes two days in Prague to sample some of Europe's best night life from $589.

Oktoberfest will celebrate its 179th year in 2012, with more than six million litres of beer expected to be served over the 16 days of the festival.

For more information visit Topdeck Travel.

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