Michael Martin Jnr's murder trial is continuing in the Supreme Court.
Michael Martin Jnr's murder trial is continuing in the Supreme Court. Liana Turner

Murder accused was 'taped to a chair' when father was killed

A FATHER figure to murder accused Michael Philip Martin has stood by his statement in the Supreme Court that Martin told him he was taped to a chair at the time his father was killed.

Jack Capewell, who was described to the court as a stepfather figure to Martin jnr in his early teens, was the final witness to give evidence at Tuesday's proceedings.

During the day leading up to the fatal attack, Mr Capewell said Martin jnr had said to him he was helping his biological father move out of the Quarry Rd unit following a brutal assault that nearly claimed Martin Snr's life in early April, 2014.

He told the court that Martin jnr told him he woke up to a "bang on the head" and that he was "taped to a chair" when Martin jnr's father Michael Anthony Martin was killed on the night of June 13, 2014 in South Murwillumbah.

Defence counsel, Gabriel Wendler suggested to Mr Capewell that he was mistaken about his recollection of Martin jnr being bound to a chair.

The jury had heard previously that Martin jnr told police he was bound and gagged but managed to wriggle his way out of the unit and down the stairs of the unit to find help.

But Mr Capewell was adamant Martin jnr said he was "taped to a chair".

Martin jnr was seen shaking his head looking at Mr Capewell during that part of the cross examination.

Crown prosecutor Brenden Campbell quizzed Mr Capewell if Martin jnr had mentioned anything to him about his father's life insurance policies, to which he answered 'no'.

The jury last week heard Martin jnr took out three life insurance policies worth a combined $2.5 million in February 2014 under Martin snr's name.

Most of the trial on Wednesday was spent revisiting the scene of the first attempt on Martin Snr's life on April 7, 2014 at the same Quarry St residence.

Jurors were shown images of the bloodied apartment by Mr Campbell during his cross examination of former Lismore crime scene officer, Sgt Justin Carroll.

Referring to the crime examination report of samples taken at the scene, Sgt Carroll confirmed samples of blood taken from kitchen, bathroom and in the lounge room matched Martin snr's DNA.

A tomahawk was also located in the lounge room area but Sgt Carroll told the court the results revealed a mixed DNA sample that wasn't conclusive.

An intensive care doctor said the extent of the injuries sustained by Martin snr and his housemate, Eddie Manning at the time of the attack would have killed them if they hadn't received medical attention.

Martin snr lost sight in one eye from his injuries and part of his bowel was removed as a result of a sepsis infection from his wounds.

Martin jnr faces charges relating to the attempted murder and murder of his father Martin Snr in April and June 2014. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The estimated six week trial continues before Justice Peter Hamill.