VISITING: The Dallas Frasca Band.

Music icon ready to rock Guitar Festival

DALLAS Frasca band is coming to Byron Bay for the second Byron Guitar Festival next month.

Jeff Curran and Dallas Frasca have played over 900 shows together (including nine international tours) over the 13 years they've been together as a band.

Dallas Frasca is currently touring for Parlour on her first ever solo tour around Australia, playing in people's homes, and Curran has kicked off a European tour with his side project, Yellowcake, fronted by Whitfield Crane, the singer of Ugly Kid Joe.

We had a chat to the Melbourne-based musician to find out what is the band planning for their festival appearance.

Music-wise, what can we expect from your Byron show? Anything new to show off?

Early this year I had the incredible opportunity to play guitar in the first all-female band to play at a sporting event in Australia to close the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

I've been so into guitar this year and I am always bugging my friends for tips, you can never stop learning!!

Lots of new stuff will be trying out in October. I can't wait.

Are you coming as a trio or a duo?

It's been almost ten years since Jeff and I played as a duo. Wow, time flies!!!

I loved those early shows with our vintage instruments and stomp box.

However, for the BBGF we are be bringing the power trio in full effect.

It's the BBGF, so let's reminisce: what's your first memory of being interested in guitars and rock?

I remember I was 12 and I saw the film Crossroads, not the Britney Spears movie (laughs).

Ry Cooder put the sound track together for this film (as well as playing a lot of the guitar as well as the incredible Steve Vai).

That was the first time I pretended I was sick, stayed home from school and watched the film 13 times in a row.

The music in this film is so rad. It really put me on a 'borderline obsessive', educational and awesome path to discover blues music.

I grew up in a town that wasn't really exposed much in the way of music, so I asked mum if I could have guitar lessons.

My first few bands, I would only sing, it wasn't until much later that I pulled my guitar on stage because of something Australian music legend Chris Wilson said to me one day: 'Don't let the boys dictate the style of your vocals, pick up the guitar and play it yourself' and so, that I did.

I spent a year on my room playing until my fingers bled.

I owe him so much of my career for those empowering words and will always acknowledge Chris for putting me on my true path.

Dallas and Jeff are on stage like two halves of a Gemini rock star and it's great to watch - how important is to know your fellow band member to have a great gig? And how did you get to that point?

Jeff and I feel so feel so lucky to have found each others 'band soulmate', our friendship is like the chemistry of two great lovers that we have nurtured over the years.

It really can be hard to find.