Musical treasure hunt - Mullumbimby Festival

MULLUM Music Festival has announced its most international and diverse line up yet, bringing artists from across the globe and musical spectrum to create its signature four-day joyous gumbo of musical delights in the halls, pubs, churches and streets of the coastal town of Mullumbimby.

Festival patron Harry Angus of The Cat Empire will once again keep Mullum punters shimmying and wiggling late into the night with his speakeasy Jazz Party.

This year ensure you look for The Piano Bar (location undisclosed) where musicians and revellers will encounter the ultimate bohemian music den.

But the Mullum Music festival has also cemented itself as a music treasure hunt, where punters wander streets searching for music gems that are, given the line up, very easy to find.

Here is a selection of some of the music gems that the festival offers this year.

The California Honeydrops

THE California Honeydrops will be bringing the party Down Under when they join the Mullum Music Festival line-up for their first ever Australian tour.

However the US band says they aren't nearly as nervous about performing as they are about the dangerous Aussie wildlife.

With their infectious dance party vibes, the California Honeydrops will be part of one of the most international line-ups the festival has seen, joining the likes of headliner Ron Sexsmith from Canada and UK singer-songwriter Ben Ottewell to name a few.

Known as the festival for musicians, Mullum Music Festival is the perfect place for a band fronted by multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski who is on lead vocals, trumpet and guitar. Wierzynski says the band is hoping to learn a thing or two from Aussie audiences.

"We hear that the Australians are a rowdy bunch. We look forwarding to experiencing an Aussie party and learning some Australian dance moves," he said.

Between performances Wierzynski says outdoor adventures, drinking with locals, kangaroo fights and avoiding lethal wildlife will be on the agenda.

"We have played everything from barn parties to clubs to all kinds of festivals."

Loren Kate

Australian singer songfwriter Loren Kate.
Australian singer songfwriter Loren Kate. Contributed

OFF the back of her impressive Telstra Road to Discovery win last year, Loren Kate presents her new single, When You Leave and EP, Til The Night Meets The Sun, released last week.

The first single, When You Leave, is a heartfelt folk country tune with a warm Australiana feel written for Loren's ex-partner, who passed away two years ago.

"On the way to the hospital to say my last goodbye, this song started writing itself. I was trying to find the words to say, but what can you say to someone who's about to pass away? I just wanted him to feel my love, and take it with him."

Ron Sexsmith

CANADIAN singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith will be touring Australia with his band in November for the first time in six years.

Having released his 14th studio album Carousel One to rave reviews in March, Ron's shows will be eagerly anticipated by fans of dynamic performance and spine chilling vocals.

Ron Sexsmith is a major contemporary writer/artist who has collated a sizeable and consistently captivating body of work since releasing his self-titled major label debut in 1995.

Robert Forster

ROBERT Forster recently released I Love Myself And Always Have, a new instant hit from his solo album Songs To Play, released last month.

I Love Myself And Always Have is a track about the rollicking journey of self-acceptance and finally coming to a place of being comfortable with your own beat.

The lyrics paint the picture of the internal battle:

"What I could and couldn't do, What I could and couldn't achieve, A lap of honour a time to leave, I march to my own beat, with a banner in the street".



Trinity Roots

LEGENDARY soul/reggae band Trinity Roots spearhead the Kiwi contingent.

Regarded by many as the spiritual keeper of the NZ sound, Trinity Roots frontman Warren Maxwell was a driving force in Fat Freddy's Drop and also heads up acclaimed band Little Bushmen.

They are joined by Cornerstone Roots and the next generation of NZ artists - Thomas Oliver and Estere.

Although associated with New Zealand reggae they also embody a stripped back, jazz and soul-influenced rhythmic sound, which often builds up drum- and guitar-led crescendos.

We Two Thieves

EQUAL parts Americana, folk, gospel and soul, We Two Thieves present a heartfelt musical peppered with tales of mischievous lovers, broken hearts, tender rebels and an undaunted celebration of the treasures of life.

The ultimate collaboration between two unique singer-songwriters, We Two Thieves is the combined force of Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange) and Mama Kin, bringing to the stage transcendent vocal harmonies that elevate the grace and power of two of Australia's most engaging songbirds.

Unleashing a sound that marks a new frontier for both artists, We Two Thieves' tales were written and rehearsed around a well-scrubbed kitchen table at the start of a hot summer. Figs were eaten from the garden; chickens, dogs and a pride of children romped about.