Scott Morrison: Muslims will benefit from new security rules

MUSLIM Australians will be beneficiaries of the government's push to beef up security at our airports, not victims of it.

As two Australian jihadists were stopped this week at airports with the new counter-terrorism units already in place, Defence Minister Scott Morrison sought to reassure Muslim travellers that they would not be profiled.

"I can give Australian Muslims the assurance that they are the beneficiaries of the laws and other measures we're seeking to bring in," Minister Morrison told ABC radio. "In many cases these are young men from their own community who are placing themselves at risk.

"We'll continue to do that sensitively. We have an engagement with the Islamic communities, but they are not the targets of this."

The Minister added that while the initative for e-gates and the improvement of biometrics operations had been fast-tracked, travellers in general should be prepared for delays as the anti-terrorism units are called into action.

"On occasion flights will be held, people will have to be unloaded, baggage will have to be taken off. And that may inconvenience some passengers from time to time but this is important for our national security and it's so our border officers can do their jobs," he said.