One Direction are performing in Brisbane.
One Direction are performing in Brisbane.

My inner 16yr old self just fell in love with One Direction

I'M 40 yrs old & these boys are half my age, but I just attended one of my most favourite concerts. Why? Because my inner 16yr old self just fell in love with the boy band, One Direction.

Being the mum of a Directioner, I knew that the One Direction concert was never going to be anything other than a bunch of good looking boys singing about love in harmonies to a room full of teenage girls who would scream, even if they were sanding back furniture.

This was going to be a concert that catered entirely for its audience and it was. It wasn't ever going to be serious. Thousands of screaming girls, all with their favourite, showering adoration at this fun, good looking bunch of boys.

Their voices were surprisingly good considering their schedule, but it was all about the girls enjoying every minute. The boys looked like they were having a good time, & the crowd was definitely having one too. 

It was a simple set, no back up dancers, just the lads being lads, to every single females delight. Lots of interaction between the boys between songs whipped the girls into a frenzy and the boys milked it for all it was worth. They worked the room with their charm.

No slick dance routines for these boys, or matching outfits, it was just stripped back to highlight each of the guys and their abilities.  We got to listen to Niall's gorgeous Irish accent a lot as he appeared to be the host of our evening. 

Now I've done my share of screaming at concerts, but will my ears ever be okay again? Don't know.  Was putting up the screaming worth the smile on my girls face at her very first concert, oh yeah. These guys are unashamedly targeting their audience & appear to be enjoying it.

It was fun, it was loud, and as I said, they can sing. What more can you ask for. I even found myself singing and dancing alongside my girl and she didn't care, she was way too busy having a blast.

They sang all the favourites and I did like their version of Teenage Dirtbag, a lot.  The people behind this band know what the audience wants and in particular, my girl was very excited when the boys answered questions tweeted by audience members.

All very clever in connecting with their market, and it actually looked like the boys enjoyed the down time on stage.

Now would I recommend One Direction to anyone other than a parent of a teenage girl, ahh, probably not, but as that is what I am, and quite a few of my friends & colleagues are, then yes, I would, and I'd go again.

That was a seriously fun night out with my girl, and she's on such a high.  My only grievance was being constantly told that we were the best crowd ever - oh come on boys, I bet you say that to all the girls. 

Just for the record I went in as Liam's girl, but Harry just may have "rocked me", cheeky bugger.