Mother commended by a magistrate after cutting drugs out of her life.
Mother commended by a magistrate after cutting drugs out of her life. DNY59

'My life was consumed': Mum turns life around post-drugs

A MOTHER-of-three has been commended by a Bundaberg magistrate after she turned her drug-consumed life around in less than a year.

Shannon Leanne Wager, 36, appeared in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday. There she pleaded guilty to failing to appear in court and to driving while disqualified.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said that on October 15, 2017, "police were investigating a number of fraudulent transactions in relation to other matters".

"During that CCTV footage was seized from a number of businesses, essentially it showed the defendant was driving a person from store to store for those offences."

The court heard Wager's licence had been disqualified one month earlier, for four months.

"Yet, a month later you were out driving a car," Magistrate Belinda Merrin said.

As a result of the disqualified driving, Wager was summoned to appear in court on November 2, 2017, but she didn't show up and a warrant was issued.

Six days later she was arrested.

On Friday Wager told the court, she'd thought the disqualified driving matter had already been dealt with, which was why she hadn't appeared in court.

"I honestly couldn't even tell you if I had a memory of court last year," she said.

"Last year my life was consumed and clouded by drugs, now it's not My personal circumstances have changed".

Ms Merrin responded: "That may well explain why you thought this driving offence had been finalised".

Despite Wager's criminal history, which lists a number of drug possession charges, the court heard the mum was now drug-free.

"That's a matter to your credit," Ms Merrin said.

For failing to appear in court, Wager was fined $150 and no conviction was recorded.

For the disqualified driving charge she was fined $750, disqualified for the minimum two-year period and a conviction was recorded.