My View: On TV coverage

THERE'S nothing like the telly to give a sport a boost.

Whenever bowls is shown on the box the viewing audience doesn't consist only of those who trundle them down once or twice a week. Many people who think a bowl is used to hold fruit watch and find out it is a game that can be exciting entertainment, even if they're not ready to have a go at it.

When the ABC dropped coverage five years ago after three decades, it brought howls of complaint - and not only from the game's players. Since then it has been left to Fox Sports to keep whetting the appetite for live coverage. But that includes only those who have pay-TV.

The announcement that a weekly Bowls Show, featuring the game's stars, will be free-to-air on SBS from May 15 will be welcomed.

Add the multitude of curious sports lovers to the more than one million people associated with bowls nationwide, and there's a big potential audience.

The Bowls Show could be a success. That's if it doesn't degenerate into one of those other TV sports shows that have become a pseudo-comedic waste of viewing time.