SHOW TODAY: Lismore musician Mykaela Jay will offer a sneak peek into her upcoming first release.
SHOW TODAY: Lismore musician Mykaela Jay will offer a sneak peek into her upcoming first release.

Mykaela Jay prepares first music release

AFTER being based in Melbourne for the last two years, Eltham musician Mykaela Jay has come back to the Northern Rivers to spend more time writing and collaborating in her home town.

We had a chat to the artist ahead of her local show this weekend.

Where are you originally from on the Northern Rivers?

I grew up for the most part in Eltham, and am so grateful for the beautiful music scene I grew up within because of it.

What sort of gig will your Lismore show be?

My entire East Coast tour is just me and a collection of my favourite instruments.

My solo gigs, like the one that will be held in Lismore, are intimate and engaging.

I write all of my own songs on a range of different instruments and genres, from the piano to the guitar, ukulele, (Andean South American instrument) charango, a few other unusual instruments like the cigar box guitar and of course my voice, creating a music style that drifts from folk to jazz to blues, funk, hip hop and somewhere in between.

All of the songs in the show reflect the beauty of our world and the people in it and I hope to start an almost conversational (musically that is) atmosphere that enables people to ponder their own experiences and relax into an evening of storytelling and sharing.

Lyrics wise, is there a theme throughout the album?

The sounds and lyrics of my songs aim to reflect the awe inspiring beauty that surrounds us, particularly in this amazing part of the world, and how this beauty subtly shapes the way we move about our every day life, how it shapes our emotions and our relationships and how all landscapes seem to have a story to tell.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in five years?

In five years I hope to have played wherever I can all through Australia. I have big plans and big projects bubbling away and I'm so excited to share them with the world. I hope to still be writing and playing and teaching and sharing like I am today, both in Australia and hopefully Europe as well.

What do you need to achieve those goals?

I don't need much, really. I think I'm already on the right path, as long as I listen to music and remain passionate and focused, it can't really go wrong, and there is no way I can't hold onto this enthusiasm and passion, because music is just so amazing, it could never cease to bring me joy and inspire me to write and play and share. It's all I really want to do in life, so I don't think I need anything more but time.