The Tenterfield Pool will reopen on Saturday, October 5.
The Tenterfield Pool will reopen on Saturday, October 5. Just Sport n Fitness

Mystery benefactor gives 5 million litres of water for pool

A "VERY generous" benefactor has promised to donate five million litres of water to offset the water that will be used at the Tenterfield pool over summer.

Council staff had been undecided as to whether to reopen the pool facility during the current water crisis.

But an unnamed benefactor has come forward with water to offset what is consumed by the pool, and now the Tenterfield Memorial Pool is set to reopen on Saturday, October 5 for the swimming season.

Mayor Peter Petty said the benefactor was located in the Brisbane Valley, and had given a commitment to the council to truck in five million litres of water from their location.

"With a B-double capacity of 41,000 litres, that is approximately 122 round trips," he said.

"As the pool takes one million litres (1 mega litre) to fill from empty and an additional 250,000 litres for water conditioning, this generous assistance is greatly appreciated.

"Despite the ongoing drought and water restrictions, not opening the pool this summer was seen as a desperate, last resort.

"There are a lot of our residents struggling with the dry and the ability to swim has to be beneficial for people's mental health.

"In addition, we don't want to have the situation where a generation of kids failed to learn to swim.

"It will rain, and we will again have water in our dams and rivers and council has an obligation to ensure that kids learn to be safe around water."

Council staff, together with the pool contractor, are currently hard at work preparing the complex for use, including wrangling with an antiquated compressor that may need total replacement.