UNIQUE APPROACH: Podie Pie in Nambour.
UNIQUE APPROACH: Podie Pie in Nambour. Contributed

Nambour cornering the ‘quirky’

THIS old sugar town has a sweet new identity.

Nambour - fast becoming the creative heart of the Sunshine Coast - has seen a record number of entrepreneurs open unique and often quirky shops catering for a whole new demographic.

"It's really exciting what's happening here," said Jodie Swales, founder of Podie Pie, who owns a handmade collective in Nambour.

"There's a whole plethora of creative businesses making their home in Nambour.

"We've got vintage shops, vinyl shops, retro shops, a comic shop, handmade collectives, photographic studios, in addition to two music venues and a recording studio. There is nowhere like it on the Sunshine Coast. Each shop is unique, quirky and incredibly creative. It really has transformed the whole town."

Within the past 12 months, Nambour has taken on the unofficial title of the Sunshine Coast's creative heart. Creative entrepren

eurs have taken out leases and settled into the area and changed the identity of Nambour from sugar town to creative town.

"The same thing has happened in struggling towns all over the world," Mrs Swales said.

"My husband and I trav

elled to Arizona where an old ghost town was transformed into what is now known as a creative hub.

"People just moved into the town, bringing their talents and skills with them and transformed the place.

"The same thing is happening here. Nambour used to have a reputation as being downtrodden, but that has all changed. It's now a hub of creativity.

"There are shops and creative ventures here you will never find anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast.

"They are unique."