OPINION: Nanna’s rule is a good indicator on social media

THIS opinion piece goes out to the bloke who pulled up in his car at the Dalley St siege and yelled something so outrageous and hurtful at the man barricaded inside I don't want to tell you what he said.

David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick

This opinion piece goes out to every troll on social media who suggested the police tactical response group should have stormed the house in the first hour of the siege and got it over and done with.

This opinion piece goes out to everyone who pressed 'enter' on a comment whinging about how "inconvenient" the 40-hour siege was because it interrupted their daily lives.

Don't do it again.

Imagine how much those comments would have hurt this poor man's family. And imagine it was your family member inside that house, trapped, surrounded by police and seemingly no other path to take apart from the one he ultimately took.

Now examine yourselves, what kind of person have you become?

What in your life has filled you with such bile you feel the need to let it spill out like that?

If you are feeling ashamed of yourselves today, then good. It's never too late to change.

Can I impress upon everyone using social media to think twice before posting a harmful comment.

Your every thought doesn't need to be published for the world to read.

Follow the "nanna rule". If your nanna would be offended by your comment then don't say it, or don't post it.