HELLO: Naomi Price as Adele in her show Rumour Hast it.
HELLO: Naomi Price as Adele in her show Rumour Hast it. Dylan Evans

Naomi Price brings her Adele show to Lismore

IN the stage show Rumour Has It, Naomi Price plays Adele, the English singing superstar that broke all music records last year with her latest album, 25.

The stage show is a cabaret extravaganza that delves into Adele's most popular songs and offers a bit of commentary, not only about the singer but also other celebrities around the world.

Rumour Has It is the next show being brought to Lismore by NORPA.

Asked for the piece of information that is most surprising about Adele's professional or personal life, Price has a definite answer.

"My favourite story comes from the idea that when you listen to a song on the radio, you never think of the context in which that song was performed," she said.

"She very famously performed Someone Like You at the Brit Awards in 2011, and she cried during that performance.

"Everyone was commenting on how amazing she was for getting so emotional during the performance.

"She was asked afterwards why she cried and she said 'all I kept thinking was this song I wrote about this man and somewhere in the world he is sitting at home watching me on TV and he's probably laughing at me'."

Price said audiences could expect a polished show, given the fact it has toured all over Australia for the past four years.

"It is highly entertaining and it always includes some biting commentary about celebrities," she said.

"That's the part of the show that changes the most. Famous people are always doing stupid things so we always have something new to talk about."

Price co-wrote the show with Adam Brunes, and sections are added to or changed depending on what happens in the world of showbiz.

"One of the best things about playing a real person, is that you can always change the show depending on what they do," she said.

"The very first night we performed this show Adele had a baby boy, she's released a whole album of new songs and had done very high profile media appearances, which is great because it confirms to us that we have been able to capture something very truthful and realistic about Adele and who she is as a person."

Although not a regular occurrence at her shows, Price said she was keen for audience members to dress like Adele at Rumour Has It.

"Normally, if you dress up for my shows you get singled out," she said.

"It will be fun! Do your best, Lismore!"

  • At Lismore City Hall, 1 Bounty St, on July 22-23. To book call 1300 066 772 or visit norpa.org.au