What morning TV host had to say before visiting Rappville

WHEN Josh Powell Fussell headed to Casino aerodrome to see the aircraft assisting with the fires, he didn't expect to meet and chat to a well known Sunrise breakfast host.

Natalie Barr and the Sunrise team arrived in Casino and were waiting to go to Rappville to film the devastation and damage from the fire.

"We've just flown in from Sydney because this has national significance," Barr said.

"So many houses lost in one little village.

Barr sympathised with all those who went through the fires after viewing the area from the air.

"I can't imagine what people from Rappville and Busbys Flat saw yesterday, it must have been absolutely frightening." she said.

"People cowering in their sheds, hiding in the school, they would not have known what hit them."

Mr Powell Fussell plans to host a big variety concert to benefit Rappville in coming weeks, he said

"I'm alive and I'm safe," he said and Barr agreed.

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