Federal MP Barnaby Joyce
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Nationals celebrate with Telstra customers in Drake

TELSTRA customers in Drake got the privilege of rubbing shoulders with Federal MPs Barnaby Joyce and Thomas George yesterday as they were able to celebrate being among the first to be connected under the Mobile Black Spot Programme.

The area is one of 429 mobile coverage black spots across regional and rural Australia benefitting from expanded 3G/4G mobile coverage provided by Telstra under the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme.

Better mobile coverage

“This is a significant moment for our customers in Drake who have had their call answered for better mobile coverage,” Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for the North Coast Michael Marom said.

“The growing use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is changing the way we live and we are acutely aware of the challenges facing communities living with limited access to a mobile network.

“Expanding coverage to the region ensures locals can keep in contact with family and friends and run their businesses more effectively, whether it’s chatting on the phone or using a range of online services.

“As the first carrier to bring 4G mobile services to regional Australia, we know how important high-speed mobile can be to supporting local businesses and education and we are excited to extend this even further to more Australians.”

Barnaby Joyce at Drake: Barnaby Joyce at Drake
Barnaby Joyce at Drake: Barnaby Joyce at Drake

Building mobile base stations

Over the next three years, Telstra will be upgrading or building mobile base stations in black spots across regional Australia*.

The Mobile Black Spot Programme involves investment of more than $340 million in regional and rural Australia, with $165 million from Telstra, $94.8 million from the Federal Government and tens of millions in targeted additional funding from State and Local Governments.

In addition to the new mobile base stations, Telstra will be installing 250 Small Cells** to deliver high speed 4G data services in some small country towns where suitable Telstra infrastructure is available. Telstra will also continue to invest its own funds to expand it mobile coverage in regional areas.

  • Rollout schedule to be determined in consultation with Federal and State Governments and subject to planning process.
  • *Location of Smalls Cells to be determined based on consultation with the Federal Government.