"Pauline obviously piggybacked off our work," Nationals MP David Gillespie says

Nats MP claims credit for new dairy rules

A NATIONALS backbencher is confident new rules will free dairy farmers from slave-like conditions.

A dairy code of conduct due for imminent release will allow farmers to trade with more than one processor.

"They will no longer be economic serfs to one master," David Gillespie told AAP on Friday.

"It will give them a level playing field so they can contract fairly and get a better price."

The mandatory code will be released for consultation in coming days and take effect early next year.

An intervention from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson earlier this week pushed forward the implementation of the new industry code.

But Dr Gillespie, who holds the rural NSW electorate of Lyne, insisted he and his federal Nationals colleagues were to thank.

"Pauline obviously piggybacked off our work," he told AAP.

"Good luck to her for scoring a political point, but the main thing is that the mandatory code of conduct is ready to roll."