The ADF says it has “no tolerance for unacceptable behaviour or criminal behaviour.”
The ADF says it has “no tolerance for unacceptable behaviour or criminal behaviour.”

Sailor punches cop after she refused kiss request

A DRUNK navy sailor punched a police woman after she refused a demand she kiss her girlfriend so he and another seaman could "get off on it" in what became a wild night out at a Sydney inner west pub.

Royal Australian Navy Leading Seaman Jason Scott Smith got into a fight with the off-duty Senior Constable Kristie Short when she refused what a court heard was an intimidating, harassing and degrading sexual gratification request.

He was found guilty of two counts of assault at a Burwood Local Court hearing while fellow Navy sailor Mark Tiplady, 49, was acquitted of impersonating a police officer.

The 35-year-old Smith was sentenced to a six-month conditional release order, a penalty which acts as a warning, but both men are set to be severely disciplined by the Australian Defence Force which has been at pains to stamp out years of serious allegations of widespread attitudes of sexism and misogyny against women in the ranks.

That discipline can range from pay loss, demotion or termination.

The iconic Henson pub at Marrickville, Sydney, where the ugly incident occurred. Picture: Supplied
The iconic Henson pub at Marrickville, Sydney, where the ugly incident occurred. Picture: Supplied

A Defence spokesman said yesterday: "The ADF has no tolerance for unacceptable behaviour or criminal behaviour."

"Every ADF member undergoes annual training in workplace behaviour and all ranks are well aware of the high expectations the ADF expects of uniformed members both on and off duty."

The court heard on March 30 last year Snr Const Short, a NSW Police intelligence analyst, had kissed her partner Catherine Smith before ordering a glass of wine at the bar of Marrickville's iconic Henson Park Hotel.

The 33-year-old said she heard someone say "I could watch that all day" and then Tiplady said "my mate and I really liked it when you girls kissed and we were wondering if you could do it again so we can watch?" before they both started laughing.

In a police statement, she said she told the pair to f*** off and added: "I'm sitting here trying to enjoy a drink with my partner and watch the footy and you think you have the right to walk up to us and ask us that? How dare you!"

She said Smith immediately became aggressive, puffing out his chest and saying: "what makes you think I wouldn't ask two guys to kiss?".


Bar staff asked the men to leave for "inappropriate behaviour" before Tiplady flashed what they said appeared to be a police badge. He later clarified it was a Military Police badge.

A triple-zero call made by a witness said a man yelling and slurring his words pushed a woman over, adding "it's getting kinda heated. He's getting pretty angry".

CCTV footage captured Smith punching the officer twice as Mr Tiplady tried to restrain him before the two men then scuffle.

"Seriously what are you doing running around harassing women in bars and then badging up when you get kicked out?" Snr Const Shorten said she asked the pair.

"'Are you married? Do you have a partner?' He didn't respond. I said 'imagine for a second you're out with your wife, you're having a drink and relaxing and then some guy walks over to you and says hey I really liked watching you make out with your missus. Can you do it again so me and my mate he can watch because we really get off on it?'"

Responding to the emergency, police found a hostile Smith who said he was just out drinking when "some b---h started carrying on".

Both he and Mr Tiplady were described as dishevelled, highly agitated, rude and belligerent.

Sen Con Short said neither man showed any remorse for their behaviour.

"The interaction left me feeling objectified, distressed and very upset," she said.