NBN rollout delayed by three months

ROLLOUT of the National Broadband Network fibre optic cables has been delayed by three months.In a statement released on Thursday, largely overshadowed by federal political machinations, NBN Co revealed the delay.

After a board meeting, NBN Co revealed its contractors had progressed work on the ground at a "slower rate than forecast".

NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley said the company was accountable for the delay and disappointed it had occurred.

He said despite the delay, the company still expected to meet the June 30 target for passing 341,000 premises with fibre optic cable.

"The problem is we are just not seeing the ramp up of construction workers on the ground that would be needed to deliver these targets," he said.

"This lack of mobilisation, combined with some of our contractors recently lowering their forecasts, has led us to make the judgment call to re-forecast our end-of-year projections."

Mr Quigley said the company had already taken immediate action to address the delay, including taking direct control of the roll-out in the Northern Territory.

The company also planned to increase its training of specialist telecom workers to help roll-out the cable, and up the investment in equipment and employees to catch up.Mr Quigley said the short-term delay would not affect the national roll-out, and the complete project was still on target to be finished by 2021.