Peta Louise Ansford stands trial for manslaughter.
Peta Louise Ansford stands trial for manslaughter. Lee Constable

Neighbour: I heard him call her a no-good mother and a slut

A NEIGHBOUR has told a court she overheard Luke Mitchell telling his partner Peta Louise Ansford that she was a "no-good mother and a slut".

The woman, who lived two houses down, said she also witnessed "quite a few verbal arguments" between the two.

"(They were) usually very heated and they were swearing at each other," she said.

The neighbour is a witness in a trial in Mackay Supreme Court where Ms Ansford stands accused of manslaughter.   

She has pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of her partner Luke Mitchell, 39, who was found dead on the couple's kitchen floor on May 7, 2017.   

While there is no doubt it was Ms Ansford who delivered the fatal blow, 12 jurors must decide if the killing was unlawful or the actions of a woman defending herself.  

Yesterday, the jury heard a frantic Triple O call where an inconsolable Peta Ansford could be heard screaming "I am not a killer".

Ms Ansford cried silently in the dock today as she returned for the third day of her trial.

Neighbours who lived next door to the couple at the time of the death were called to the witness stand to give evidence today.

Each witness recounted similar stories of physical and verbal arguments between Ms Ansford and Mr Mitchell which escalated in the months leading up to his death.

Forensic pathologist David Williams, who performed an autopsy examination on Mr Mitchell, said the fatal blow created a wound about 6cm in depth.

He said the knife went through Mr Mitchell's skin, penetrating cartilage surrounding the rib before it reached his heart.

Dr Williams said the wound caused the death of Mr Mitchell within about 10 minutes.

The jury is expected to hear video police interviews with Ms Ansford as the trial goes forward.