Nerd is the Word: Laws relax on drones for agricultural use

AMENDED laws taking effect from September 29 will make it easier for farmers to operate drones.

The amendments to the Civil Aviation Legislation (Part 101) will allow farmers to use drones on their private properties without approval, providing the drone weighs less than 25kg and the farmers are not paid for the work.

Examples where farmers can utilise this include inspections around the property and weed spraying.

Another rule change will allow drones to be used for commercial use, providing they weigh under 2kg, without approvals.

The use of drones in regional areas is an exciting topic because drones open up opportunities for faster and more affordable services.

An example of this is Amazon's announcement that it would start using drones to deliver packages. That would be beneficial in areas that are difficult and expensive to reach.

Amazon's proposed Prime Air drones would deliver packages up to 2kg to your home.

Amazon plans for this future service to reduce home delivery times to 30 minutes or less.

I can see drone delivery as a great help to deliver niche goods or single items that would otherwise incur delivery costs higher than the price of the item itself.

And if you are unwell or unable to drive to the pharmacy, a drone could deliver your medicine straight to the door.

If you are using drones on your Northern Rivers farm, I'd love to hear from you. Email