Noel Whittaker
Noel Whittaker

Never send money without checking with google first

RECENTLY a family member, who I will call Mary, sought my help.

She is on the full single pension but cannot live on it.

She soon came up with the idea of taking in a boarder so went to and placed an ad online. She was amazed how quickly she received her first response.

It came by way of an email from a Rosalyn Bryant, who said she was presently in Malaysia, and would be attending a university in Australia. She said her father would be paying the rent and he would like some information about the potential landlady.

Mary responded that she was a widow who lives alone, the neighbourhood was quiet, and the house was clean and comfortable.

The next email was from a John Bryant who said he was the father. He wrote that he could not make phone calls as he was a marine engineer at sea, but was really grateful that Rosalyn would be staying in a good home because her mother had been killed in a car accident last year.

By this stage Mary was becoming suspicious, especially when they asked her to send $900 to a travel agent named Tanabalan Rajindaran for the girl's airfare.

Mary then received a barrage of emails, all purporting to come from PayPal, confirming that a deposit of $3100 was being held and would be paid to Mary the moment the travel agent confirmed receipt of $900 for the fares.

All it took was a Google search on Tanabalan Rajindaran to find over 3000 posts about  scams of a similar nature. 

Mary is now seeking a boarder in the more conventional way, but her experience is a lesson to all of us. The internet has revolutionised the way we transact business but  as the story above shows, it is also fertile ground for a whole new range of confidence tricks. Be warned!

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