Bigger fines in new financial year

BYRON Shire Council is advising residents and visitors that fines for breaches of the road rules have increased with the start of the new financial year.

The council's governance manager Ralph James said the fine amount for various traffic infringements was determined by the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO).

"Given council's role is to enforce those road rules for which it has jurisdiction, it is important that community members have an idea of how much particular traffic breaches will cost them if they are fined," he said.

"The most frequently issued fine in the Byron Shire is for motorists that park for longer than the time permitted in a particular space," he said.

"The SDRO has increased this fine from $88 to $99 this financial year.

"The next most-issued infringement is to motorists that park in a coupon space without a valid coupon. This includes areas like Main Beach and Clarkes Beach car parks in Byron Bay, as well as the Lawson St north and south car parks in Byron Bay."

Mr James said residents could park in these areas simply by purchasing a resident parking sticker.