Gas pipeline approval lapses, but Metgasco says that's okay

THE lapsing of an "approval" for Metgasco's planned Lions Way gas pipeline into Queensland has been chalked up as a win by the anti-gasfield community.

Department of the Environment last week issued a "declaration of a lapsed proposal of an action" that would have allowed Metgasco to lodge a full application to build the pipeline.

Gasfield Free spokesman Dean Draper said the project appeared "dead in the water" and called on the government to block any future application.

"We believe that the pipeline project would not be possible without causing serious environmental damage," Mr Draper said.

However, Metgasco managing director Peter Henderson said the lapsed proposal was a "non-issue" and didn't expect any regulatory obstacles if it decided to proceed in the future.

"The process is straightforward and we've already completed some of the environmental work," he said.

The planned pipeline runs directly under Lions Rd into the Queensland gas network. Mr Henderson said pipeline construction was "very low risk".