DINE WITH ME: Nikki Fury and Giulia Meneghini from The Diner at Lennox Head.
DINE WITH ME: Nikki Fury and Giulia Meneghini from The Diner at Lennox Head. Chyna Hayden

New Lennox restaurant the 'best thing since sliced bread'

A SOLID, community restaurant is how Tim Bryar would describe his new venture, The Diner - Lennox.

"It's not trying to be anything but that," he said, having only opened the doors three weeks ago.

The Diner's menu encompasses a range of flavours inspired by the region, with efforts to source produce from surrounding suppliers wherever possible.

"(We have) an offering that represents the best produce the area's got to offer, e.g. meats coming from the local butcher, ice creams coming from the local ice creamery, fish is coming from the local cooperative, the fruit and veg all come from within 200km around...it's about expressing what this region has got."

Bryar, who has been in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, has a no-nonsense approach to his philosophy behind the business.

"If the product is sound, it's not about excessive margins and excessive profit, and profiteering and being a tourist trap and all of those things that actually (annoy) me the most about the industry and society in general, whatever that is. I want (The Diner) to be the opposite to that."

For Bryar, The Diner - Lennox, is his first chance at being able to express what underpins his passion for hospitality.

"It's about families and about being a part of the community and giving the kind of service that I believe people are entitled to.

"Let there be known that there is no glass ceiling here," he said, with a team of seven females helping to run the show.

"We haven't gone for named professionals or people who have got bad habits pre-taught. Again, we're staying with the community, everyone's local."

Having worked with the likes of Simon Denton and ARIA Group's Peter Sullivan, Bryar said he hoped to share some of the skills and values he had been taught over the years with his staff.

"You want your people to be trained in those ways so if they go on to have careers in hospitality, they'll at least have a good, strong, sort of footing and be able to go shoulder to shoulder with anybody anywhere."

He said the most amazing thing about his new venture so far was how proud his daughter was.

"She's eight, and she thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread."

The Diner - Lennox, is located at 2/63 - 65 Ballina Street, Lennox Head.