Labor candidate for Page Janelle Saffin
Labor candidate for Page Janelle Saffin Contributed

Bridges and potholes a priority for new Lismore MP

THE new member for Lismore Janelle Saffin has hit the ground running in order to achieve her first 100 days to-do list.

Despite not officially declaring victory in the NSW election, Ms Saffin is "waiting for the electoral commission to announce" that she won last weekend's election.

"I thought it was appropriate it to wait for the commission to say it," she said.

"Austin Curtin gratuitously conceded and Sue Higginson had done that before him and all of the scrutineers are saying that it's mathematically impossible for me to not win now.

"But they hadn't finished counting yesterday."

While counting continues, Ms Saffin said she's already putting in the effort to represent Lismore.

"Within the first 100 days (of government) what I'll work on is the commitments the government made locally and compare them to my election commitments," she said.

"I'll see where some might match up like in roads and bridges.

"Others might not match up, so I'll write up those into an advocacy brief letter and start to advocate for their delivery."

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro both promised this week to deliver commitments to the regions, regardless of whether they'd won the seat or not.

"The commitments they gave will be honoured and I'll advocate strongly to achieve those commitments," Ms Saffin said.

"There's an agreement around roads and bridges let's get that done. But fixing the potholes will take a few years to rollout.

"With the hospital, we promised nurses to patient ratios while the government promised extra numbers, so we'll see what we get here (in Lismore).

"I'll be advocating particularly about the Richmond River, renewables and climate change."

Ms Saffin said she wanted to thank former Lismore MP Thomas George for his 20-years of service to the region.

"Following in his footsteps is a big deal as he's rather iconic in our area," she said.

"I also want to pay tribute to the other candidates. While there was a bit of argy-bargy at times, we were rather collegiate throughout the campaign."

Meanwhile, Ms Saffin said she would also support potentially holding an inquiry into Universal Medicine and alternative health practices, after a Supreme Court who found last year UM to be a "socially harmful cult".

"As soon as I give my first speech and am able talk on issues, I'm sure I'll do that relatively quickly but there are protocols to follow," she said.