Doctor Paddy McLisky.
Doctor Paddy McLisky.

New skin cancer clinic service in Ballina

Skin checks don't have to be awkward or scary, said a new GP offering the service in Ballina.

Love the skin you are in and get it checked, like you do with your eyes, teeth and hearing that's the recommendation from Dr Paddy McLisky.

"I'm offering skin cancer checks, I'm doing biopsies, lesions and treating skin cancers, plus sometimes referring them on to plastic surgeons or dermatologists," he said.

The medico is originally from Eureka, and after learning new skills for a year in Tasmania, he has retuned to the Northern Rivers and joined the new Ballina clinic.


Doctor Paddy McLisky.
Doctor Paddy McLisky.

The GP said regular skin checks offered peace of mind and allowed people to keep on top of their health.

"Everyone's skin is different," he said.

"Looking after our skin is very important, and I'd love to help people to look after their skin in a friendly, non daunting way.

"When people think they have funny spots, most of the time those spots are totally normal, and giving people that peace of mind is important for us."

Dr McLisky said it was often family or partners who find skin anomalies that may need to be checked.

"There are issues like funny looking moles, or a brown wart-looking thing that can be very normal in adults, they can often look scary, but people need to be reassured they are not cancer," he said

"A skin check will offer a non-invasive and safe way to check the hole body to ensure nothing has been left unchecked."

The professional is located at the new First Light Healthcare Clinic at Tamar Village, 92 Tamar St, Ballina.