FOR MUMS AND BUBS: Molly and Maisy owner Fiona Tate is excited to open her store in the Lismore Arcade in Lismore.
FOR MUMS AND BUBS: Molly and Maisy owner Fiona Tate is excited to open her store in the Lismore Arcade in Lismore. Marc Stapelberg

New store offers stylish threads for tiny tots of Lismore

New baby store in Lismore: Molly and Maisy owner Fiona Tate is excited to open her store in the Lismore Arcade in Lismore.

A NEW baby boutique full of gorgeous outfits and accessories for the bubs of Lismore and surrounds will open its doors for business tomorrow.

The array of tiny cute clothes on display in Molly and Maisy is almost overwhelming, and definitely has the potential to evoke feelings of cluckiness.

Lismore local and owner Fiona Tate said she saw a gap for chic yet affordable fashion for babies and toddlers, and the need for more supportive 'hubs' for parents to gather and connect in the Lismore area.

"I wanted to fill that gap," Ms Tate said.

"I've tried to cater for the mums who want quality and stylish clothes and products, that are still affordable ... because there really isn't much variety in Lismore.

"This store will also be an extension of my other profession of working closely to support families and children who are struggling."

A mum herself, Ms Tate is now an "empty nester" as her 19-year-old daughter lives in Sydney, and now, she wants to incorporate her skills as a family worker with her new store.

"I want it to be more than beautiful clothes, I want it to be a hub," she said.

"I want mums to be able to come and sit on the couch, have a cuppa and feed their baby if they need too. I plan to be more community focussed and would love to do mum/dad/grandparent groups, maybe having story time or baby shower celebrations in the future."

She said it felt great to finally open and thanked the friends and family who supported her.

"Who doesn't love doesn't being around babies and kids? ... it's pretty special," she said.

Molly and Maisy's range includes baby washes, cot sheets, rattles, comforters, play mats and backpacks.

With all suppliers and designers Australia owned, Ms Tate said she did her research to make sure the brands were manufactured ethically.

"I have six local brands and five brands that come from Queensland and Victoria and the sizes go up to size 3," she said.

"I have some local girls are doing blankets, baskets and face washes."

Ms Tate said, for now, she will only open on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's and Saturday Mornings.

"I've chosen to open reduced hours so I can juggle my two other jobs, which are part time and casual," she said.

"I'll just see how it goes."

She explained how both name of the store of the store have double meanings

"Molly and Maisy are both fur babies, I had a cat named molly and a dog named Maisy which I still have.

"Molly is also a favourite girls name of mine.

"Maisy is actually the name of my mum's dog. My mum passed away three years ago from cancer so I have Maisy ... she was named Maisy because it was my daughter favourite cartoon as a kid, Maisy Mouse."

Ms Tate said had confidence in Lismore's business climate.

"We have such a vibrant, connected community," she said.

"I think we've already got what we need, we've just been hit hard - people have been vulnerable.

"It's about people seeing that things can work and building momentum up to be able to have that faith again. I'm hoping my store will inspire some people to go and start their own stores and get our courage back after something that was so difficult such as the flood.

The official launch of Molly and Maisy kicks off from 5 until 7pm tonight at 2/106 Molesworth St, in the Lismore Arcade. Find them on Facebook at Molly & Maisy