TELSTRA 5G Tower site at Crawford St, East Lismore.
TELSTRA 5G Tower site at Crawford St, East Lismore.

New Telstra mobile tower planned for East Lismore

A DEVELOPMENT application for a new $250,000 "telecommunications facility", including a 35m high monopole, has been lodged with Lismore City Council.

The mobile base station would be built adjacent to the East Lismore general cemetery on Crawford Road, according to Telstra contractor, Servicestream.

There is an existing tower in Fischer St, Goonellabah, but it is already performing close to full load, Servicestream has explained in the DA documents, and a new tower is needed to service demand.


Proposed Telstra 5G Tower site for East Lismore.
Proposed Telstra 5G Tower site for East Lismore.


The DA stated the Fischer St facility was mounted on a lattice tower collocated with Optus and NBN equipment.

This facility is intended to service primarily the Goonellabah area and is currently operating close to its technical capacity rendering it unable to service the East Lismore area.

If approved, the structure will take five weeks to complete from initial excavation through to the commissioning of the base station radio equipment.

Locals have expressed their concerns on social media about the monopole, with concerns about the noise and potential health impacts.

There is also some disquiet about the environmental impact, as the monopole will require the removal of two forest red gums and one swamp mahogany.

Telstra and Servicestream were both contacted to confirm whether the base station will be 5G and as yet neither have responded.

The development application is available on the council's website and locals can make submissions about the development.