Amy Duckers’ baby was punched in the face
Amy Duckers’ baby was punched in the face Facebook

Newborn baby punched in the face in supermarket

A MAN has been arrested after punching a five-day-old baby in a Tesco supermarket.

Elsie Rose was on her first outing with her parents, Amy Duckers and Lewis Temple, and her seven-year-old sister, Libby, when she was hit at the Tesco store in Baguley, Greater Manchester, on Monday.

The baby, weighing 6lb 12oz (3kg) was taken to hospital and monitored overnight but is not believed to have been seriously injured.

The suspect said he thought the baby was a toy doll.

Elsie Duckers was five days old and weighed about 3000g, or 6lb 12oz
Elsie Duckers was five days old and weighed about 3000g, or 6lb 12oz

The man approached the baby after he overheard family friends saying: "Come over and have a look at this beautiful baby."

According to witnesses, the 63-year-old man then hit the child in the face.

Amy Duckers, the baby's mother, told Manchester Evening News: "We all heard the punch land on my little baby.

"He ran over and punched Elsie Rose in the face, leaving a very big fist mark shape across her forehead," she added.

The child was rushed to hospital from the Tesco store in Baguley near Manchester, and was not discharged until 4am the next morning.

"The baby girl was taken to hospital as a precaution and has since been discharged," Greater Manchester Police said.

"A 63-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assault and is currently in custody being questioned by officers," they added.

Ms Duckers explained it was the first time she taken her daughter outside of the house.

"We were mortified, my daughter was screaming thinking he had killed the baby."

She later posted on Facebook: "Thank you so much to Baguley Tesco for all you did tonight (Monday) you were all amazing thank you so much for the way you dealt with the situation and treated us all."