iceberg alley
iceberg alley

Newfoundland iceberg parade

Did you know that there's a flat earth society? Apparently one of the four corners of the flat earth is in Canada's Newfoundland on a small island with a population of less than 3000 people.

You've probably never even heard of Fogo Island, which is a long way away from Australia.  

The island is a remote location with more gannets and moose than there are people or cars. It's a picturesque spot and there's a strong sense of community but the real drawcard is it's a great place to see icebergs.

Each year between May and August, about 40,000 icebergs float south from Baffin Bay along the stretch of water known as Iceberg Alley. Newfoundland is a good spot to go iceberg spotting as icebergs of all shapes and sizes are swept south.

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