Aerial photo of Sunrise Beach, October 2014.
Aerial photo of Sunrise Beach, October 2014. Brett Wortman

Newlyweds took $6k Noosa lot for their home

JOHN Percey paid $6250 for his first block of land at Sunrise Beach, and his Netherby Rise house was the third on the estate, with 360 degree views.

It was 1971 and John and his wife lived on the Gold Coast, but "the land was much cheaper in Noosa” so they built there.

The young lovers married at ages 20 and 19 respectively, and snapped up two blocks at Netherby Rise, one for just over $6000 and another for about $10,000.

"We had a 360 degree view at that stage - we could see Caloundra, Tewantin and from the Coles carpark you could see our house sitting up on top of the hill,” John said.

"It was amazing.”

John said he'd visited Noosa since the 1960s where he would surf with his mates at Tea Tree Bay.

"Noosa was a very different place then - Hastings St wasn't sealed, it was just ... a bit of bitumen down the centre, and of course the river was down the end of Hastings St before it was moved.”

The couple have only lived full-time at their home on Netherby Rise for the last seven years, using it as a holiday house prior to that.

"There's been a lot of development since then,” he said.

Property values have soared, with a block on the street behind his selling for $1.2mil recently.

Four years after they bought their first lot for just over $6000 the Perceys sold it for $25,000 and used the proceeds to build their house.

The housing market had started to develop, roads were built and upgraded, and people were starting to become aware of Noosa.

"A lot of southerners were coming up here,” he said.

The fifth-generation Queenslander says Noosa has been developed tastefully since then, preserving its beauty.

"I think that the council have done a great job in restricting the height of the buildings,” John said.

"I think once you get down past Coolum, down to Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Caloundra - it's like a mini Gold Coast.”