A track leading to Angels Beach at Ballina.
A track leading to Angels Beach at Ballina. Graham Broadhead

REVEALED: Violent history of Ballina beach rapist

A DRUG addicted Nimbin man was on parole for assaulting his former partner when he raped a 29-year-old woman on Ballina's Angels Beach last July.

Michael Allen Jeffreys had punched his then partner in the nose when she asked for a cigarette in August 2015.

A few weeks later on September 29, Jeffreys was seen kicking the same woman in a Nimbin carpark after they became involved in an argument.

He allegedly shouted words to the effect of "you deserve this".

He was later sentenced to a minimum six months in prison for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and released on parole on March 31.

Three months later, he raped a stranger on a beach in broad daylight.

Jeffreys, 35, is facing sentencing in the District Court over the shocking random sexual assault which occurred just after 10am on the Sunday morning of July 3 last year.

During sentencing submissions today the court heard that Jeffreys likely suffered from a drug induced psychotic disorder and schizophrenia and there was evidence he frequently experienced "bizarre delusions".

A report on Jeffreys also revealed he smoked half a gram of ice daily since the age of 30, and had started smoking cannabis at 13. By the time he was 21 he was smoking five grams a day.

He was likely high on the ice at the time of the offence.

Justice Department psychiatrist Dr Kerri Eagle told the court that Jeffreys' thinking was impaired by his drug affected state, which caused him to "misinterpret his environment and possibly experience a delusion".

Dr Eagle, who appeared via video link, had assessed Jeffreys some three months after the rape.

She said it was likely Jeffreys had a "chronic underlying mental illness" which included "delusions of people harvesting his organs, and impostors... characteristic of schizophrenia".

Alongside drug addiction and mental illness the offender had poor judgement, poor social skills and problem-solving abilities.

"He denied he had an illness when it was clear to me he may have had an illness," she said.

"He wasn't necessary even capable of faking remorse or shame... he did feel distressed and upset over what happened."

Dr Eagle said there was "absolutely no doubt" that Jeffreys' likely jail sentence would not support his rehabilitation.

He was "extremely vulnerable" to influence and persecution by other inmates due to his inability to communicate and read social cues.

He was at significant risk of reoffending and would require a parole regime overseen by "assertive interventions" over at least a two-year period, in which he must abstain from drugs.

Defence barrister Jason Watts agreed that Jeffreys' sentencing must reflect his special circumstances, saying "we can't just lock him away forever".

"Special consideration will clearly apply and a longer period of parole," he said.

However Judge Laura Wells noted that Jeffreys was on parole at the time the rape and said "little has changed" with regard to his rehabilitation.

She said he was resistant to taking appropriate medication and instead committed to using drugs, and "the community will need protection".

She said Jeffreys last attempt at rehabilitation "didn't last any time at all".

At various times during the hearing Jeffreys clutched his chest in distress, his face contorting in apparent pain.

Jeffreys mental condition will come as no solace to his victim, who has previously told the court about her ongoing trauma from the shocking event.

"I have nightmares, remembering the terrifying and determined look in Michael Jeffrey's eyes as I begged him to stop," the woman told the court in a victim impact statement read out last month.

"I often lay awake at night wondering if I would have died, had it not been for the family that heard me screaming desperately for help.

After more than a year the woman and her family will finally see him sentenced next Wednesday, October 18.