Ticket sales are up for Nimbin’s 24th annual Mardigrass. Photo Doug Eaton / The Northern Star
Ticket sales are up for Nimbin’s 24th annual Mardigrass. Photo Doug Eaton / The Northern Star Doug Eaton

Nimbin’s 24th Mardigrass set to be epic

NIMBIN'S 24th annual Mardigrass looks set to be epic, with 50% more tickets sold online than this time last year.

Hemp Embassy president Michael Balderstone said the Mardigrass cannabis law reform protest and gathering had something to celebrate this year, with the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

"We're looking for some seriously good vibes at this protestival with a good harvest behind us and finally, after about eighty years, our elected rulers admitting our favourite herb is good medicine," he said.

"Fact is if you support prohibition of cannabis you support millions of people being denied access to a simple remedy that ends so much pain and suffering.

"Cannabis is amazing for children also as they are so sensitive to herbs. Not just epilepsy but all sorts of autism, brain tumors, defects and disabilities."

Keeping with tradition, Mr Balderstone said Mardigrass would still try to influence reform around cannabis laws, despite the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

"For decades, lovers of this herb's medicinal properties have been coming to live in this area like refugees from the judgement we feel from mainstream society," he said.

"So come to MardiGrass and learn more about this plant which is probably the most useful on the planet.

"Join us and know that you are doing something good and important for the earth and humanity.

"The law is the crime, not the plant."

Festival goers are being warned to expect police to be roadside drug testing at Mardigrass.

"Spit testing drivers searching for traces of cannabis is how desperate they've become," Mr Balderstone said.

"It means a designated driver or a twelve hour break since your last toke."

A $100 Golden Bud pass gets you three nights camping at Nimbin Showground and entry into every event.

People can also by a three day festival pass for $50, which doesn't include camping, or $30 for one day.

Mardigrass runs from Friday, April 29 until Sunday, May 1.

For more information visit www.nimbinmardigrass.com.