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Ban on unvaxxed children at childcare, preschool welcomed

LOCAL vaccination supporters have welcomed new No Jab, No Play laws put on the table by PM Malcolm Turnbull this week.

Currently, No Jab, No Pay laws cut off Centrelink benefits from non-vaxxers with young children but the roll-out of the policy has been "patchy" and state-by-state.

The policy also doesn't affect those without government payments.

New laws would mean unvaccinated children would be banned entirely from childcare centres and preschools.

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Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters spokeswoman Rachel Heap said said the group supported the new laws but called for a technically reliable roll-out of the program.

"We know with IT and Centrelink, the technology doesn't always work.

"We don't want to see children left out of childcare due to technical side of things

"The Australian Immunisation Register needs to actively pick up kids moving interstate, and those on catch up routines."