SHANNON Noll, I salute you.

One, for having the balls to call out cowardly behaviour, and two, for doing it in the full-frontal way he did in.

In case you missed it, the man Australia knows as Nollsy, was performing at a concert in country NSW on Sunday night when a punter threw a beer can at his head.

Nollsy refused to take the incident lying down, calling the idiot onto the stage.

It was filmed and shared on social media, becoming the viral sensation of the day.

Noll's epic rant against the suited concert-goer, who he labelled a "f---ing maggot" was in my eyes, appropriate.

I will admit Noll took it too far - and I have since accepted his apology.

What if the beer can had struck him in the head? Or a fellow band member in the head?

I've seen behaviour like this at just about every festivals and concert I've been to.

It goes against every vibe and and ethos live music is all about.

You go to festivals to rock your socks off, dance, and drink, not be a d---head on the piss.

Go to a fight pit in a mosh instead if you want to start fights.

I remember at Big Day Out not so long ago, UK rapper Dizzee Rascal being struck in the chest in a similar scenario.

His response was to jump in the crowd and fight "old mate".

Nollsy had the chance to do that, but he chose words as his weapon.

Choice words that embarrassed the idiot to never do it again.

Words that will have him thinking, "It isn't fair".

Talk about taking more than he can give.