WIN-WIN: Norco’s Damon Bailey and Primex director Bruce Wright.
WIN-WIN: Norco’s Damon Bailey and Primex director Bruce Wright. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

Norco appointed top sponsors at 30th Primex

THE Norco offices are buzzing this week with the exciting news that Norco is the naming rights sponsor for the 30th Primex primary industry exhibition.

Primex director Bruce Wright said he was "extremely proud" to announce Norco as the naming sponsor for what is planned to be the biggest and best Primex to date.

He said very few companies have such a strong association with the Northern Rivers and with Primex as Norco does, so they wanted someone special to be part of the Primex brand in its 30th year.

Norco was the perfect fit.

"Both Primex and Norco are fiercely local and are imbedded in the DNA of the Northern Rivers," Mr Wright said.

"While Primex has been servicing the primary industries of this region since 1985, Norco's involvement traces way back to 1895."

Norco has been involved with Primex for many years.

"It's been a 30-year friendship that's now become an even stronger partnership. I'm looking forward to that getting bigger and better," Mr Wright said.

Norco rural & agribusiness divisions general manager Damon Bailey, said he was very pleased and proud with the partnership, as there were many similarities between Norco and Primex.

"We pride ourselves in our close connection with the grassroots of primary industry, something that I know is also a priority with Primex," Mr Bailey said.