DECADENT DELIGHTS: Five sublime new flavours in Norco's new Hinterland premium ice cream range are available nationally.
DECADENT DELIGHTS: Five sublime new flavours in Norco's new Hinterland premium ice cream range are available nationally.

Norco’s six new ‘delicious and decadent’ ice-cream flavours

JUST in time for summer an award-winning Northern Rivers firm has released a stunning new selection of decadent, high-end ice-creams.

Australia's oldest dairy cooperative Norco, announced the new range under the Hinterland brand in October.

Norco chief executive Michael Hampson said the six new flavours were sensational and described them as "delicious and decadent."

Mr Hampson said the varieties were produced and tested in-house.

"What a dream job to be an ice cream tester," he said.

"The flavours are Burnt Butter with Caramel Sauce, Cookies & Cream with Belgium Chocolate, Decadent Vanilla Bean, Espresso with Chocolate Almonds, Salted Dark Chocolate Fudge and Golden Jersey Caramel Macadamia.."

Hinterland ice cream artisan, Luis Mejia, said the process of creating the unique product was

incredibly rewarding as much-loved flavours can be remembered across the country.

"The six distinctive flavours have been influenced by the ice creams we all grew up loving and have been integrated with local ingredients to create a luxurious product that is unlike any other," he said.

"It's been such an exciting project, so to be spearheading the process of bringing the flavours of the North Coast hinterland and local farmers to the masses is a real honour."

Mr Hampson said the Hinterland range took about 12 months to perfect, including the taste and texture a premium brand needed to succeed.

"The Hinterland range is available nationally through Woolworths and is now our premium ice cream product," he said.

"Our production team are always looking to search out the best tasting, most beautiful flavours.

"It is all being produced out of Lismore."

He said Norco is very proud that they have managed to create such a fabulous ice cream from what he said is their rich and delicious milk, produced by a co-operative of passionate Norco dairy farmers, with a combination of indulgent and luxurious ingredients."

Mr Hampson said the Hinterland range will be priced at $10.50 a litre.

"The Hinterland ice-creams are a treat," he said.

"The high end of the ice cream market is certainly growing with new flavours and with the construction of this ice cream, we think it is the best on the market.

"The decadent flavours will solidify Norco as a prime player in premium ice cream and will give our local farmers guaranteed milk usage, yet another source of opportunity to help Australian farmers and the Norco co-operative grow."