North Coast beaches cleared as sharks spotted

SWIMMERS at a number of Northern Rivers beaches were forced from the water at the weekend after a spate of shark sightings across the region.

Authorities cleared the water at Ballina's Angels Beach just before noon on Saturday when a 3m great white shark was spotted.

Swimmers at nearby Shelley Beach were ordered out of the water soon after when a 3m great white was seen there.

Earlier that morning Lennox Head Main Beach was closed when a 3.5m great white shark was spotted.

As well as the great white sharks a 2.5m bull shark was reported at South Pottsville Beach while earlier that morning SharkSmart tweeted that a school of five sharks had been spotted at Sharpes Beach, Ballina.

The five sharks, all reported to be about 2m long, were believed to be juvenile great white and whaler sharks.

The SharkSmart service is operated by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.