Northern Rivers residents were left frustrated as the Census website crashed.
Northern Rivers residents were left frustrated as the Census website crashed. Shannon Newley

Northern Rivers residents frustrated as Census site crashes

NORTHERN Rivers residents, like many others across the country, were left frustrated last night as the Census site crashed.

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Many Australians filled out their census form online for the first time - only to have the site tell them it can't accept their entry.

Then the site where the census is based - - crashed altogether.

Even after Tuesday night, when people were meant to fill out the survey, the Census site remained down.

Just before 6am on Wednesday, our checks found us still unable to login.

On The Northern Star's Facebook page, locals commented.

Michael Behan said: "I noticed issues at 6:05pm. I also noticed that not all browsers supported access. I listened to the supposed minister last night, claiming the ABS had never been hacked. This is an out and out lie. They themselves reported they had been targeted 3 times, but refused to state what data had been accessed. Another stuff up by the useless, pompous 'innovation' prime minister!"

RecurringInline: sites criteria not met

Tony Photiou said: "Looks like the abs needs to take lessons from AEC."

Ambrose James Rice said: "If i write my name and my religion would i get fined. The government already has all my details."

However others weren't as concered.

Sonya Kreiskott said: "Mine went through no problems."

Jadeala Amber Blacky said: "YOU HAVE 6 WEEKS TO DO IT. why is everyone freaking out?"

That final point is correct - Australians have until September 27 to finalise their Census.

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