DISAPPOINTED: John Sidorczuk said he wouldn't leave his dream home behind unless he got paid as much as he'd spent building it.
DISAPPOINTED: John Sidorczuk said he wouldn't leave his dream home behind unless he got paid as much as he'd spent building it. Sarah Steger

GOVT BUY-BACK PLAN: 'We're not ready to leave our dream home'

A MAN who bought a flood-affected piece of land in North Bundaberg and built his dream home on it just two years ago might have to leave it all behind.

John Sidorczuk said he and his wife weren't overly pleased when the State Government dropped off a brochure detailing Bundaberg's 10-year Action Plan at their front door on Friday.

The pamphlet was handed out to start gauging potential interest in a $44 million floodway house purchase scheme.

"We chose to buy this property and build this place because we're at 8m here ... it's a metre above the new bridge," Mr Sidorczuk said.

"Council gave us 100 per cent permission as long as we met the requirements."

Mr Sidorczuk and his wife spent $100,000 undermining their home's foundation with cement and 38 10-feet-deep pylons.

"It cost $100,000 extra to build my house so it could withstand any flood," Mr Sidorczuk said.

John Sidorczuk
John Sidorczuk Sarah Steger

The plastering business owner also owns the house next door to his.

"There's like $950,000 here all up. So we'll have to recoup that, or we can't leave," Mr Sidorczuk said.

"We'll go if they give us enough, but not less than what we spent, that would be crazy.

"If we get that back we'll go just to please everybody because I know that these things have to be done.

"We don't have an issue with the plans or anything ... It's more just like, 'look what we've got!'. This is prime river frontage.

"There is not a house in sight. We are right on the river. Look at that view - it's better than being on the beach where the sea breeze rusts your fridge."

Mr Sidorczuk is one of five houses on Hanbury St that received the pamphlet from the State Government last week.

"So this is our dilemma now," he said.

"This is our dream home. Council gave us permission to build it here just two-and-a-half years ago, so why did they say 'Yes, go ahead John, build your dream house' when they knew this was coming?"

Originally from Canada, John settled in Bundaberg 15 years ago and calls it home.

He admitted while he understood the reasons behind the plans, he would be disappointed if he had to leave his house behind.

John Sidorczuk
John Sidorczuk Sarah Steger

"It's not just about the money. It's the location. We have everything here," he said.

"I don't want to be in a category with the people on the other side of the train tracks ... That more northern part of North Bundaberg is lower than our property.

"We shouldn't be in the same category and be included in the same plans as them.

"I would be disappointed if we were for sure."