A motorist fills his car up with fuel from the petrol bowser. PICTURE: BRENDAN RADKE
A motorist fills his car up with fuel from the petrol bowser. PICTURE: BRENDAN RADKE

NRMA calls on people not to buy petrol in Goonellabah

LISMORE drivers are still buying petrol at excessive prices, according to the NRMA.

NRMA spokeswoman, Bridget Ahern, said preferring independent service stations in the middle of Lismore offering cheaper prices will send a clear message to operators in Goonellabah, where the prices are much higher.

“Most of the petrol stations in Lismore seem to be around the $1.18 mark, which is still very high, but not as expensive as in Goonellabah,” she said.

“Not filling up at the (places at) $1.18 and $1.25 sends a message to retailers: If someone is offering it at $1.05, that’s where the price should be sitting.”

Ms Ahern said regular unleaded prices across Sydney on Friday were an average of 91c, while Lismore’s average was a whopping $1.23.

“Lismore prices have fallen 27 cents in the last eight weeks, which is good, but nowhere as much compared to places like Sydney,” she said.

“As far as we are concerned, $1.20 is far too high when we know that the wholesale price is sitting considerably lower than that.

“It’s not OK for them to be still charging 20 cents more than everywhere else.”

Ms Ahern said Lismore drivers have the chance to check fuel prices and prefer those offering more convenient ones.

“There are some competitive prices in Lismore,” she said.

“You can fill up for $1.05, which means that the average is more than $1.20 because some outlets are extremely expensive.

“But people should not be filling up under any circumstance if they can buy it for $1.05.”

Page MP Kevin Hogan encouraged drivers to shop around to find the best price available and also to send daily updates on petrol prices to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

“I enthusiastically encourage people to send petrol prices to the ACCC,” he said,

“The ACCC validated our concern last week, saying petrol prices are not going down as fast as they should in some regions.

“It (the ACCC) needs to do an inquiry and look for price collusion, if needed.”

Petrol prices can be checked online via the MyNRMA app or in the NSW FuelCheck website.