THE CNPE de Nogent -sur-Seine Power station in France. A Coast expert says nuclear may be an option here.
THE CNPE de Nogent -sur-Seine Power station in France. A Coast expert says nuclear may be an option here. EDF HO

Nuclear touted as option by Coast energy expert

A COAST energy expert is backing nuclear power as a stable alternative to coal and gas.

Ben Chester, the co-founder of Locality Planning Energy (LPE), the fastest growing energy provider on the Sunshine Coast, said the nuclear power issue was a hot topic at the moment and a single solution was not likely.

He said each energy source being debated and the technology behind it had both advantages and shortcomings.

"In order to successfully plan for the future, Australia needs to take a collaborative approach," Mr Chester said.

"The future of energy generation will not be a single solution.

"It never has been and never will be.

"While there is a big push towards the generation of renewable energy, the technology has a long way to go before it can match the quality and quantity of electricity required by consumers."

He said nuclear power was almost the only stable alternative to replace coal and gas.

"Renewable energy, while preferred for environmental reasons and the priority of many, is faced with the issue of intermittency gaps which are only filled by utilising other technologies.

"Coal and gas have this same intermittency problem, supporting the idea that a single solution is not feasible over the long term."

Mr Chester said a 1950s household had a single light bulb in each room, a fridge and one TV.

Today, the household averages 10 outlets per person.

Although the need for energy hasn't changed, our appetite has increased significantly over time and we need reliable energy resources that will accommodate the growing demand.

"This isn't slowing down," Mr Chester said.

Further complicating the future of energy Mr Chester says is the fact that, in the past, the energy industry was driven by innovation, technological advancements and proper commercial considerations.

"Today, LPE sees it as an industry guided by ideology and politics which means information is strategically shared based on the desired outcome.

"LPE urges consumers to become educated on all options, regardless of ideology or political affiliation."