Odds narrow for same sex marriage vote in 2017

BOOKMAKER sportsbet.com.au has narrowed the odds on same sex marriage being legalised in 2017.

The online bookie has cut the odds on 2017 from $2.50 into $2.20, ahead of 2018 which shortens significantly from $4.50 into $2.30.

Previous favourite, 2019 or later, has drifted from $1.87 out to $4.00 while the odds of Malcolm Turnbull allowing a conscience vote have slightly improved from $4.00 into $3.50.

"Same sex marriage has seemed like the debate that just won't stop but according to the odds, the end is in the not so distant future,'' said sportsbet.com.au's Will Byrne.


When will same sex marriage become legal?

$2.20   2017                (in from $2.50)

$2.30   2018                (in from $4.50)

$4.00   2019 or later   (out from $1.87)


Will Turnbull allow a conscience vote?

$1.25   No                   (out from $1.22)

$3.50   Yes                   (in from $4.00)


Will there be a plebiscite before 2018?

$1.10   No

$6.00   Yes