Lismore's new rainbow crossing.
Lismore's new rainbow crossing.

'Welcome to Grinchmore': Rainbow haters miss the point

LISMORE'S controversial rainbow crossing has been unveiled to the public, and it's certainly dividing the community.

When The Northern Star shared photos of the colourful addition to the CBD earlier this week, our Facebook audience were quick to let us know their thoughts.

Nush Abikhair wrote: "I love the idea, but scratching my head as to how it's going to cost $25K."

Shaun York also chimed in: "What a waste of money and time. Putting Lismore on the map for the worst decisions in NSW."

Some haters didn't hold back.

Russell Krampe wrote: "If you want a f---ing unicorn/rainbow eyesore, paint your own f---ing garage that colour, not the main f---ing street."

Toni Coles wrote: "At least we will now have something nice to look at while waiting to get our tyres and rims to get fixed from driving through the potholes. Has the council ever thought, 'let's not do new things until the old things have been fixed'? Maybe tell that to the kids who can't play on the equipment at Wade Park any more."

But despite the negativity, there was still a lot of love for the rainbow and its importance for the region.

Mel Rogers wrote: "If Lismore wants to be known as Lovemore, and 'The Heart', then I reckon this is a perfect way to celebrate our community's diversity - for both locals and tourists."

Meander Elizabeth: "After reading all the comments, it's sadly clear that a lot of the community has completely missed the point. It's so much more than just paint."

Roger Stevens: "Oh, the outrage! No doubt from the same people that complain that Lismore is boring."

Karen Lee: "Can't wait to see this! Our CBD needs this splash of colour and positivity."

Jesse Vandenbosch: "Cheer up, it's a rainbow. Welcome to Grinchmore."